Indonesian driving tricks, doing yoga and playing football with the kids, discovering Gili Islands & learning about famous Czech people amongst locals

Another ten days here in Lombok is behind us. All going well, even our scooter driving skills especially now after accepting local driving rules – approaching every roundabout only from the opposite direction and beeping vehemently at everyone and all the time.

Teaching days at both schools are literally flying. We have tried to do some sports with the kids once we were given access to local play ground nearby. We tried some old fashioned Czech games but ended up with good old football. Girls tried yoga and under Anni’s supervision as a starting yoga instructor.

During our weekend off we head out to explore Islands in the north-western part of the island – Gili Trawangan, Gili Menor and Gili Air. We asked another volunteer Kata to come along. The journey to the harbour itself was in the style „fast and furious“ and we were glad to change our driver with rocking boat taking us to the biggest island of them all – Gili Trawangan.

Thanks to great tips from our New Zealand landlord we booked a whole day snorkeling tour around all the islands and saw a rich underwater world along with our first encounter with sea turtles. This has left the biggest impression on us from the entire trip apart from cheesy pink sunsets and locals riding their horses on the beach.

Journey back has a much relaxing feel. We even brought back a little souvenir in form of postcards which are a rarity in this part of the world. All we need now is finding a post office and play a game who will be back first, wether us or the postcards.

We were also curious if anyone knows any Czech people and found out that Petr Cech is well known especially amongst the boys. This fact didn’t really please Kata so she made sure she made everyone familiar with our past president Vaclav Havel :)

Kata has also given us great tips for where to buy sarongs so we can finally merge with the crowd.

See you next time,

Anni & Iva


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