Two unforgetable months of my life

As part of the volunteer program, I had the unique opportunity to spend 2 months on the island of Lombok, one of the unforgettable jewels of Indonesia. The heart of this exotic destination beats to the rhythm of rich culture, picturesque beaches and magnificent mountains, giving volunteers like me the opportunity to discover and contribute to this amazing place. It was my first time outside of Europe and it certainly won’t be my last. Asia simply captivates you from the first sight.

First impression

Upon arrival at Lombok airport, we were warmly welcomed by Intan, the tutor, who is a kind, warm and always helpful person who will always come out to help you. Her smiles and hospitality immediately instilled a sense of warm welcome. After a short drive from the airport, we found ourselves in a picturesque village surrounded by palm trees and open rice fields. The accommodations were simple but comfortable and above all provided an authentic experience. You can even choose to live in Kuta, which is also absolutely sensational. There is a beach nearby where I spent a lot of time. You can also try surfing , but beware it is highly addictive!!! The people are very warm. You meet a lot of cultures around the world, which I very much appreciated through improving my English.

Work and adventure

I taught 4 times a week for 2 hours. I always had an amazing feeling on the way home. The kids are really appreciative and loving. They love it when you sing, play games or just tell them about different things. They also love sweets, so sometimes we even had a competition to win some sweets. It was a wonderful experience spending time with him!

The local cuisine is all about rice, noodles, vegetables, fish and meat. The most famous dish is Nasi goreng and or Mie goreng. You can find Indonesian cuisine as well as cuisine from all over the world.

Final thoughts

My time as a volunteer on the island of Lombok was an unforgettable and enriching experience. In addition to the opportunity to help the local communities, I made new friends, discovered the beauty of Indonesia, and connected deeply with the culture of this amazing place. If you are looking for an adventure that involves benefiting others and experiencing new cultures, Lombok should not be missing from your bucket list.

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